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Galut (Diaspora)
Sound Installation in 8 Channels (and a single exilic painting, on your right)
Variable Dimensions
Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem

Texts by Moshe Gurin (Gurevich, Govrin):
- ‘Untitled’
- ‘From a Prisoner's Old Notepad’
- ‘Mrs. Vislevska’
- ‘Yerushalaim’ [previously published, ‘With Seven Eyes’, ‘Hamenora’ Tel-Aviv (1973)]
- ‘Yerushalaim Shel Maala’ [previously published, ‘Di Grine Brik’, ‘i.l Peretz’ Tel-Aviv (1966)]
- ‘Unterwegs’ [previously published, ‘With Seven Eyes’, ‘Hamenora’ Tel-Aviv (1973)]
Yiddish translation by Daniel Birnbaum and Ido Govrin

[‘Galut (Diaspora)’ is dedicated to Moshe Gurin (Gurevich, Govrin) 1921-1990 and his family]

Exhibition Catalogue (in hebrew)

Catalogue Text (by Yonatan Amir, English)